The Crüxshadows spendieren ihren Fans wieder pünktlich zum Fest einen Song

The CrüxshadowsSeit über 25 Jahren ziehen die amerikanischen Electro-Rocker The Crüxshadows aus Florida nun schon durch die Welt und verzaubern mit einer grandiosen Mischung aus Synth Pop, Gitarrensound, verfeinert mit Violinen und mit der markanten Stimme des charismatischen Sängers Rogue ihre Fans. Zuletzt erschien im September 2017 mit Astromythology das bisher wohl durchdachteste, experimentellste und zugleich packendste Werk der Band. Seither wartet die treue Anhängerschaft schon sehnsüchtig auf einen neuen Langspieler.

Doch auf eins ist fast immer Verlass: Alle Jahre wieder stellen The Crüxshadows pünktlich zum Fest einen Weihnachtssong als „Pay What You Want“ Version zur Verfügung. Auch in 2020 führen Rogue & Co. die liebgewonnene Tradition fort. „Persephone – Love in Winter“ – so lautet der Titel des diesjährigen ‚Winter‘-Songs, den ihr Euch sowie alle anderen Tracks aus den Vorjahren unter kostenlos oder gegen eine kleine Spende herunterladen könnt.

Sängers Rogue kommentiert: „Happy Holidays. In this the time of COVID and isolation and social distancing, I have imported some key pieces of equipment from my flood wounded studio and constructed an impromptu recording facility on my dining room table… converting my kitchen into a control room…. in order to deliver for your listening pleasure, an audio recording that is to my mind nothing short of a miracle.

The 25th is a little over a week away and SOMEHOW I have managed to put together a song for Christmas… yes, you heard that right- A SONG FOR CHRISTMAS!! Well, sort of… This years free/donation-ware track is more of a ‘winter’ themed song that is built around the story of Hades and Persephone —you could probably play it outside of December without being accused of turning into one of those Christmas in July people… although i guess it does mention the word ‘Christmas’ fairly prominently throughout (but to be fair- it lingers on the word ‘Halloween’ a couple of times as well.) So it’s more of a autumn & winter track I guess… I know that’s a bit weird, but we didn’t really have much of a Halloween around here this year.

Basically, this song is different from most of my holiday fare; In fact it has a distinctly “throwback” sound that might interest some of our long time fans… it’s got Greek mythology and references to box tape…. it’s got holidays and cold weather and weird vocalizations and crazy big guitar sounds and keyboards that sound like 1984! and well… what I’m basically trying to say is that 2020 has been pretty “non-traditional”…. so I hope you will forgive me for deciding to just write a song and have some fun doing it.

The good news is I love the track. It’s called ‘Persephone – Love in Winter’. Keep an open mind and you just might like it, or even love it, too…

Special thanks to Dominique of DK Visual Art! Her cover art is amazing and I really love it. Check out her other art pieces on Instagram at

The song is of course free to download and keep in your collection, as are all of the previous years tracks. If you are able, I really REALLY appreciate the donations. Normally these contributions help me to deliver a reasonable Christmas for my daughter, Anmi. 2020 hasn’t given us the opportunity to play any shows at all (and has lead to quite a few cancellations), so money has been extremely tight. I know that many of you are in similar circumstances, but if you are so inclined, please consider supporting our holiday song tradition. I thank you for your love of Cruxshadows and I wish you the happiest most amazing holiday season ever. Merry Christmas everyone.

Much love, Rogue“

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