Ashbury Heights: Neue Single “A Cut in a Place” feat. Madil Hardis veröffentlicht

Ashbury Heights
Foto by Andreas Aalto

Ashbury Heights kehrten nach dem Album “The Victorian Wallflowers” (2018) 2020 mit ihrer ersten Sängerin Yasmine ‘Yaz’ Uhlin und der neuen Future-Pop-Hitsingle „Spectres From the Black Moss“ für Gothic- und Electro-Fans zurück. Ashbury Heights sind bekannt für Anders Hagströms unverwechselbare Stimme und seinen markanten Musikstil.

Nach der Veröffentlichung der Singles „One Trick Pony feat. Massive Ego“ und “Cutscenes feat. Danny Blu” im letzten Jahr folgte jetzt die nächste Single aus dem ‚Ghost House Sessions‘-Zyklus der schwedischen Synth-Pop-Band Ashbury Heights. Die neue Produktion „A Cut in a Place“ ist die zweite Zusammenarbeit mit der unnachahmlichen Madil Hardis. Ein dazugehöriges Musikvideo soll zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt folgen.

Jetzt hier anhören:

Anders Hagström kommentiert:

“I recorded the demo for this song in an empty apartment with marble floors somewhere in the south of Luxembourg. It was 2019 and the pandemic was still a year away. I was living alone in a strange country, working at a bank during the weeks and making music on the weekends.

Solitude does weird things to a brain, isolation conjures up shadows and ghostly apparitions and it becomes increasingly hard not to live in the past. The walls keeping a dark yesterday at bay corrode for lack of mental stimuli, and you find yourself shifting between memory and reality.

As I listen to ’A Cut in a Place’ I retrace my steps through a fragmented world. It is a series of notes on an old piece of paper; that new year’s night, stargazing with a lump in my throat, having an out of body experience while my life was shattering around me like a flood of broken glass.

After 4 years the events that inspired this track are finally starting to fade, but the fear of history repeating itself will always influence my actions. It is a song that is intensely personal, but also one I hope will resonate with all of you. Everyone knows the cut in a place that’s worse than being hurt, everyone knows the pain that lingers when having been cut at the very centre of their being. This work is a space created from that anguish, and I hope we can stand together in that space, to draw strength from our shared experience.

Madil Hardis returns after our wildly successful ’Wild Eyes’-single for yet another collaboration. Her haunting and operatic vocals lend this song a majestic flair which elevates it from a sad diary entry to full blown drama.”

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